More About Our Cleaning Service

Many don’t like cleaning. But there comes a point where you really have to take care of the clutter and clean the windows. However, given our busy schedules, it’s near-impossible to spare a weekend to clean the home or office. Luckily, we are here to help! When in need of a home or office cleaner in Boise, ID, Umoja Cleaning Company, LLC are the guys to call. Based in Boise, ID, Umoja Cleaning Company, LLC is a cleaning company that has over 7 years of being in the business. We offer reliable and affordable cleaning service, which includes:

Carpet Cleaning

Some think floor cleaning is as simple as sweeping and vacuuming. That isn’t the case. If you have dirty, carpeted floors, they can contain dirt and allergens that could make you sick. And they make your carpets deteriorate faster, which means it won’t be long before you would need to invest for floor replacement. With our top-grade equipment, we provide quality carpet cleaning. We will clean your carpets using unique cleaning methods to ensure a deep clean. If you think your carpet floors are getting dirtier, call us now!

Rug Cleaning

Many home and business owners have their rugs cleaned once or twice a year. Rugs are smaller than carpet floors but have the same materials used. As such, they can also contain allergens and dirt that can cause sickness or even allergies to family members. To avoid such a problems, have us do a thorough rug cleaning. Call now to avail of our services!

Window Cleaning

Windows don’t only allow you to look outside your home, they also let light and warmth in. This is why keeping your windows cleaned is important. Over time, dirt and debris can leave your windows smudged. Not only does this make it difficult to see the view outside, it can also affect your home’s appeal. To avoid such problems, we make sure to thoroughly clean your windows without leaving a hint of dirt. We use highly formulated products in cleaning your windows. With our help, you can have a crystal clear view from the inside through your windows.

For quality and affordable cleaning service in Boise, ID, call Umoja Cleaning Company, LLC and we’ll provide you with a janitorial service your home or office deserves. Dial (208) 437-8431 now! We also offer our services to residences and offices in Vistas ID.